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The WINTER TOUR will be under the direction and control of the Tournament Committee, whose decisions on all matters relating to the tournaments will be final.



The players of the circuit may be either professionals or amateurs who belong to a legal golf federation that justifies their handicap or professional license.



The development of the WINTER TOUR will consist of a single open category, i.e. both amateurs and professionals (women and men). Women will play from the corresponding red or blue markers depending on the length of the course. Men will play from the white or black marks depending on the length of the course.

The women will play for invitations to the LET ACCESS and the men to the CHALLENGE TOUR .



Players may register for tournaments online at the WINTER TOUR website or by email at



Payments for events and swings are stipulated and communicated to players immediately through the payment platform.


Each swing will have a deadline that will be announced through the web and social networks in advance.


If you have any problems during registration, please contact the WINTER TOUR team at




Cancellations of paid players may be made twenty  (20) days prior to each tournament to be refunded in full. Otherwise there will be no refund as space is limited to 100 players.


If the player has a health complication, he/she must present a medical certificate ten (10) days before the start of the tournament in order to be reimbursed in full. Within seven (7) days before the start of the tournament, 50% of the payment will be refunded.


If you have to cancel your participation due to Covid, no refund can be paid to the player. All bank, credit card of paypal fees will be deducted from all repayments or refunds due to cancellation.




All events will have a purse of 7.000 € distributed in the first seven (7) places of the general qualifying order. The final will have a purse of 10.000 € euros and will be distributed to the first eight (8) players of the general classification.



The winners of each swing will receive an invitation to the Challenge Tour. The winner of the swing will be awarded two (2) invitations and the second place will get one invitation.

In case of ties in the ranking of each swing, we make a playoff in the last event of the swing in order to decide the winners of the invitations, in case the players who must break the tie are not present, the winner will be the one who is present.


At the final event an invitation to the Challenge Tour will be given to the winner.



The female winner of each swing will get 1 invitation to the LET ACCESS TOUR. To be awarded this invitation we need to have a minimum of 15 female players .  female amateurs can also win this invitation.





Since 01.01.22 amateurs are allowed to win prize money up to £700 per event.

The remainder of the amateur's prize if it is greater than this amount will be given with a voucher to be used in the ProShop (Golf friends).




Players will be responsible for paying the appropriate tax of the country where the tournament is played (if any apply). Payments will be processed the next day after the end of each competition and sent to players' bank accounts.



The competition will be played according to the golf rules applied by the R&A and USGA. Tournament conditions, local Golf Course rules and additional rules put into force by the committee will apply.




Caddies are allowed in all our events, the WINTER TOUR reserves the admission of some caddies, players may be disqualified for caddie misconduct.




Laser gps or any other device is allowed, laser with  slope is not allowed.





Misconduct of players will be punished by fines starting at 100€ and can reach 350€. if the misconduct is very serious the tournament committee can take the disqualification of the player.






All tournaments will be played in 3 rounds of 18 holes in medal play format. At the end of the second round (36) holes we will have a cut of the best 40 classified players, who will be able to play their third and last round of the championship.







All tournaments will have a cut-off at the end of the second round of competition, the first 40 players in the general classification will have the right to play the final round on the third day of competition.





The order of merit will be carried by swings and we will have an overall order of merit including the 3 swings. At the end of each event this order of merit will be published and updated on the web. It will be based on the money earned by each player at the end of each event.





The tournament committee will be in charge of making any kind of decision during the competition. It will be in charge of determining acts of misconduct, cancellation of rounds due to bad weather, slow play , rules decisions or any other decision that may arise during the tournament. players will have to accept them with the best behavior.




Tournament tee times will be sent by email and posted the day before the competition, WINTER TOUR will play its rounds starting at 8:30 am consecutive tee times every 10 minutes, cards will be sent by sms and a physical card will be handed out on the 1st tee before the start of the round. live scoring will be available during each event.





Players will be responsible for arranging their practice round with the club directly, where they will be given a special rate for this round. The registration fee does not include the practice round.






If events are left with a field of less than fifty (50) players , the event will be cancelled and the deadline will be communicated to the players (30 days prior to the event). 

The money of the inscriptions will be returned to each player in the next (15) days , Winter tour assumes the expenses of bank transfers, this is done in advance to avoid the players to organize their accommodation package, flights and other expenses.

If the organization decides to go ahead with the event and not cancel for not reaching the minimum 50 players required, the purse will not be guaranteed 7.000,00€ but 100,00€ to the purse per registered player. (THE PRIZE FUND AND PRIZES WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE WINTER TOUR TEAM BASED ON THE MONIES COLLECTED)




WINTER TOUR will have the following events starting in 2024

 (swing 2 and swing 3) will have all their events endorsed to be punctual in the amateur world ranking. for the first swing our team is working with the Andalusian federation the way to include it, for the moment swing 1 is not confirmed.


The WAGR & EGR events will be played under the R&A rules. Only 3-day events count for the WAGR ranking. Players are responsible to inform themselves about actual rules. 

In order to become a WAGR 

Ranked Player, a player must achieve a finish position earning at least 6.5 ranking points in an event. The 

Power of events in WAGR® is determined based on the ranking of all the players who make up the field. 

Ranked WAGR players will get the points according to the strength of the field. 

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